Electronic Manufacturing Company

EMC :: Vision - Mission - Values

Vision:   Electronic Manufacturing Company will provide competitive, high quality electronic manufacturing services and individualized customer service, while encouraging employee creativity, motivation, and team work in a continuously improving environment.


  1. Develop customer relationships which provide services tailored to specific customer needs;
  2. Provide employees with on-going training to enhance knowledge and skills, develop problem solving and decision making abilities, and offer opportunities for advancement;
  3. Apply cost effective production systems and sound fiscal planning;
  4. Utilize Continuous Process Improvement strategies to ensure the highest quality products and services.


  1. Work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide high quality products services.
  2. Recognize the strengths of those we work with and focus our efforts on helping them overcome their weaknesses.
  3. Treat all individuals with courtesy, dignity, and respect.
  4. Work together as a team to provide quality services..
  5. Recognize the value of all employees in attaining our goals.
  6. Work cooperatively to solve problems and develop solutions.
  7. Provide a work environment which motivates our employees and encourages independence, cooperation, respect, and humor.